Duct Cleaning Cleans
Dirt and Dust

Dun-Rite uses the Ram Air clear view system

A new revolution in duct cleaning that lets the customer see all the dust
and dirt being collected. And that’s dust and dirt that won’t be blown out of the heating ducts onto their freshly cleaned carpets, accumulating on countertops, and being sucked into their lungs as they breathe.


We have experience in Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

We are a local New Hampshire Family Cleaning Company Serving communities
from Manchester and south, up to New London and the Upper Valley, and also out to the seacoast and Portsmouth.



We are A+ Rated by the Concord NH Better Business Bureau

Cleaning Demo

I was called to view a home-which was for sale…the Home inspector sited “mold concerns”in the attic. I spent 45 minutes inspecting the entire attic sheathing, insulation, etc. I found it was not only good, but in excellent condition. Any of the black staining on the plywood was simply ink stamp or mild discoloring.

I’ve been in water/smoke/fire restoration and specialized cleaning tasks for 28 years-i know my work very well. The buyers insisted on a “licensed mold inspector”, happy to share, his report absolutely mirrored my findings!! Sometimes I truly believe that experience/knowledge/and integrity trump all ‘licenses and course study.
I obtained a bachelors degree in Business back in 1985….does that qualify me as a better businessman? Wisdom over time is key.


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